Apricot Varieties

Commercial Varieties


Fruit from this variety is creamy/yellow with no blush. It is more flavorful than Goldstrike or Goldbar, but the fruit is smaller. The tree is not very winter hardy but is productive. The fruit ripens 3 or 4 days earlier than Goldstike. It is not considered to be a shipping cot. Tomcot is partially self fruitful.


A productive new variety from Washington that bears large, good quality fruit. The fruit is orange with some red blushing. Harvest time is 1-2 days earlier than Goldstrike. Winter injury may be a problem for this variety. Requires cross pollination.


A large sized orange cot with about 20% blushing. The fruit is firm with moderate juiciness and sweetness. This variety is considered a shipper to distant markets. Requires cross pollination with Rival or Goldbar. May be subject to pitting.


The fruit is yellow with rosy cheeks and is oval and large sized. The flavor is mild and has a fine texture. Requires cross pollinization with Goldstrike or Goldbar.  It ripens a week after Goldstrike.

Other Varieties

There is some interest in Hargrand, a large, juicy good flavored variety suitable for the fresh market from Ontario. Also Harglow, Harlayne and Harogem.

2E-15-5 is a medium size orange apricot that is quite firm, handles well and has very good flavor. It must be picked when full colour has developed. Matures just before Tilton. There is some interest in this PARC-Summerland selection.


Perfection is an old variety that has very large fruit and ships well. Matures after Wenatchee / Moorpark. Susceptible to spring frost and requires pollination. Perfection lacks flavor but is quite popular in the market and for roadside stand sales.

Planting Trend – Declining


Early blooming and maturing apricot. It has very large size similar to a small peach. Pui Sha Sin has excellent exotic flavor. This variety has a long harvest period and requires 4-5 harvests. The skin is tender, bruises easily and the apricot is difficult to handle. Good for local sales. 

Planting Trend - Small plantings have been established, but little interest otherwise.

Older Varieties

Varieties such as Wenatchee/Moorpark, Tilton, Skaha, and Goldrich are not recommended for commercial plantings under current marketing trends.