New & Young Worker Orientation

WorkSafeBC has developed specific regulations on the requirements to orientate new and young workers. A young workers is anyone under the age of 25, a new worker is an employee returning after an absence or new to a particular worksite or job. AgSafe (formerly FARSHA ) has produced a checklist for employers and a booklet and video for employees to assist with meeting requirements for orientation of new workers: Information is available in English, Spanish and Punjabi. 

Everyone, regardless of experience, is at higher risk when starting a new task or job, working in a new location, or using a new tool or piece of equipment. Orientation and familiarity to their new work environment and associated task is an essential component of due diligence. An employer must keep documentation of all orientation and training, including when it occurred, who was there, and what was covered.

Some key points of an Orientation are:

  • the name and contact information of immediate supervisor

  • workers’ rights and responsibilities including; to follow instruction and report unsafe conditions and the right to refuse unsafe work

  • general safety rules pertaining to the workplace

  • hazards to which worker may be exposed

  • instruction and demonstration of work tasks

  • working alone procedures

  • requirements for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • access to adequate safe drinking water

  • understanding of pesticide re-entry times, and how pesticide application will be communicated

  • workers must be given training in emergency procedures, including location of emergency information

  • identify the first aid attendants and how to contact, location of first aid kit

  • workers must understand the importance of reporting all injuries immediately