Miticides - Toxicity and Re-entry Intervals

Trade Name Common Name Oral Toxicity Dermal Toxicity Re-entry Interval (Label) Applicator Certificate Required By
Acramite 50WSbifenazate (Acramite) 27925SS12 hNo
Apollo SCclofentezine (Apollo) 21035SS12 h - 2 days**No
Envidor 240 SCspirodiclofen (Envidor) 28051SS12 hNo
Kanemite 15 SCacequinocyl (Kanemite) 28641SS12 hNo
Nealta Miticidecyflumetofen (Nealta) 31284SS12 hNo
Nexterpyridaben (Nexter) 25135SS12 hNo
Purespray Green Spray Oil 13Emineral oil (Purespray Green) 27666SS12 hNo

*There is no REI on label, this REI refers to Worksafe BC requirements.
** The REI has a wide range. The longer REI refers to a specific activity: check the label.