EFP Program

Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Program

This section provides a general description of the EFP Program.  The provincial and federal governments have recognized society’s priority of environmental sustainability by establishing the EFP Program.  The goal of the EFP Program is to raise awareness amongst producers and encourage environmental farm stewardship and reduce risks to the environment.  This will be accomplished by the provision of a service to help growers complete an EFP and action plan, as well as provide grants to partially pay for certain environmental improvements on the farm.  The EFP Program is voluntary. Visit the web site for more information on the program.

A completed EFP will include action items identified through completion of a workbook.  These action items will be prioritized on the basis of environmental risk and conservation.  Principles of the EFP are

  • Completing an EFP is voluntary, at the discretion of the individual grower.

  • EFPs are confidential – sharing the plan is at the discretion of the producer.

  • Implementation of an EFP must be flexible and adaptable to each farm, while meeting program standards.

  • Incentive funding is required to support the priorities of society to enhance environmental sustainability and achieve compliance with environmental law and regulation.

Implementing an EFP

Growers will work with trained EFP Planners to develop their EFP and action plan, as well as to complete grant applications for on-farm improvements.  EFP planners must be registered with the  Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC Growers can access more information about the EFP program here: (IAF) 

EFP Planners will assist the grower to prepare the EFP.  EFP Planners are responsible for approving the EFP by signing a completion certificate.  EFP Planners will provide growers with the information required to access incentive funding for eligible action items.

Contacting a EFP Planner

Growers can book an appointment with an EFP Advisor by filling out an online form