Fungicide - Toxicity and Re-entry Intervals

Trade Name Common Name Oral Toxicity Dermal Toxicity Re-entry Interval (Label) Applicator Certificate Required By
Aliette WDGfosetyl-al (Aliette) 27688SS12 h - 4 days**No
Allegro 500Ffluazinam (Allegro) 27517SS24 h - 3 days**No
Aprovia benzovindiflupyr (Aprovia) 31981MS12 hYes
Aprovia Topbenzovindiflupyr + difenoconazole (31526)SS12 hNo
Aprovia Topbenzovindiflupyr + difenoconazole (Aprovia Top) 31526SS12 hNo
Bio-Save 10LPPseudomonas syringae (Bio-Save) 29673SS24 h*No
Blossom ProtectAureobasidium pullulans (Blossom Protect) 30552SSdryNo
Bravo ZNCchlorothalonil (Bravo ZNC) 33515SS12 h - 11 days*No
Cabriopyraclostrobin (Cabrio) 27323SS12 h - 9 days**No
Cantus WDGboscalid (Cantus) 30141SS12 hNo
Captan Supracaptan (Captan Supra 33641, Maestro 33488)SS24 h - 29 days**No
Copper Spraycopper oxychloride (Copper Spray 19146) SS48 hNo
Cosavet DF Edgesulphur (Cosavet DF Edge 31869, Kumulus 18836, Microthiol 29487SS24 hNo
Cueva Commercial Copper Fungicidecopper octanoate (Cueva Commercial) 31825SS4 hNo
Diplomat 5SCPolyoxin D Zinc Salt (Diplomat 5SC) 32918SSwhen dryNo
Dithane Rainshield, Manzate Prostick, Penncozeb 75 DFmancozeb (Dithane 20553, Manzate 28217, Penncozeb 30241 and 25397) SS12 h - 35 dNo
Double Nickel 55 (WDG)Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (Double Nickel 55) 31888SSdryNo
Echochlorothalonil (Echo) 33479SS12 h to 11 days**No
Elevate 50WDGfenhexamid (Elevate) 25900SS4 hNo
Flint 50 WGtrifloxystrobin (Flint) 30619SS12 h – 7 days**No
Fontelispenthiopyrad (Fontelis) 30331SS12 hNo
FractureBLAD polypeptide (Fracture) 32139SS24 h*No
Fullback 125 SCflutriafol (Fullback) 31679SS12 hNo
Funginex DC triforine (Funginex) 27686SS12 hNo
Gattenflutianil (Gatten) 34297SS24 hNo
Guardsman Copper Oxychloride 50copper oxychloride (Guardsman Copper Oxychloride 13245)SS48 hNo
Indar 75 WSPfenbuconazole (Indar) 27294SS12 hNo
Inspiredifenoconazole (Inspire) 30004SS12 hNo
Inspire Superdifenoconazole + cyprodinil (Inspire Super) 30827SS12 hNo
Kasuminkasugamycin (Kasumin) 30591SS12 hNo
Kenja 400 SCIsofetamid (Kenja) 31758SMS12 hNo
Kinoprol 20 SCipflufenoquin (Kinoprol 20 SC) 3475612 hNo
Kocide 2000-O copper hydroxide (Kocide 2000-O) 33441VS48 hNo
Lime Sulphurcalcium polysulphide (Lime sulphur 30%) 16465MS48 hYes
Luna Sensationfluopyram + trifloxystrobin (Luna Sensation) 32107SS12 hNo
Luna Tranquilityfluopyram pyrimethanil (Luna Tranquility) 30510SS12 - 24 h**No
mefentrifluconalemefentrifluconazole (Cevya) 33405SS12 hNo
Merivon pyraclostrobin + fluxapyroxad (Merivon) 33951VS12 h - 12 days**Yes
MilStoppotassium bicarbonate (MilStop) 28095SS4 hNo
Miravis Duopydiflumetofen + difenoconazole (Miravis Duo) 33206SS12 hNo
Nova 40WPmyclobutanil (Nova 40WP) 22399SS12 h – 12 days**No
Paradepyraziflumid (Parade) 34526SS12 hNo
ParasolCopper hydroxide (Parasol) 25901SS48 hNo
Penncozebmancozeb (Penncozeb) 25397SS12 h - 35 daysNo
Princetonpropiconazole (Princeton) 33840SS4 h to 3 days**No
Pristine WGboscalid + pyraclostrobin (Pristine WG) 27985SSdry – 12 days**No
Quashmetconazole (Quash 30402)SS12 h - 9 days**No
Salibro Nematicidefluazaindolizine (Salibro Nematicide) 34182SS12 hNo
Scala SCpyrimethanil (Scala) 28011SS12 - 24 h**No
Scholar 50 WPfludioxonil (Scholar) 29528SS24 h*No
Senator 50 SCthiophanate-methyl (Senator 50SC) 32096SS12 h - 7 days**No
Sercadisfluxapyroxad (Sercadis) 31697SS12 hNo
Serenade OptiBacillus subtilis (Serenade Opti) 31666SS4 hNo
Siroccopotassium bicarbonate (Sirocco) 310914 hNo
Sovran WGkresoxim-methyl (Sovran) 26257SS48 hNo
Streptomycin 17streptomycin sulphate (Streptomycin 17) 1030524 h to 14 daysNo
Suffoil-XMineral oil (Suffoil-X) 33099SS12 hNo
Syllit 400 FLdodine (Syllit 400 FL) 28351SS48 hNo
Velum Primefluopyram (Velum Prime) 32108SS12 hNo
Vivando SCmetrafenone (Vivando) 29765SS12 hNo

*There is no REI on label, this REI refers to Worksafe BC requirements.
** The REI has a wide range. The longer REI refers to a specific activity: check the label.