Herbicide - Toxicity and Re-entry Intervals

Trade Name Common Name Oral Toxicity Dermal Toxicity Re-entry Interval (Label) Applicator Certificate Required By
AlionIndaziflam (Alion) 30451SS12hNo
Authority 480sulfentrazone (Authority 480) 29012SS12 hNo
Casorondichlobenil (Casoron) 12533SS24 hNo
Centurionclethodim (Centurion) 27598SS12 hNo
Chateauflumioxazin (Chateau) 29231SS12 hNo
Creditglyphosate (Credit) 25866SS12 hNo
Crush'R Plusglyphosate (Crush'R Plus) 29995SS12 hNo
Dual II Magnummetolachlor (Dual II Magnum) 25729SS12 hNo
Glyphosglyphosate (Glyphos) 24359SS12 hNo
Igniteglufosinate ammonium (Ignite 15 SN) 23180SS12hNo
Lontrelclopyralid (Lontrel) 23545SS12 hNo
Prinep Nine-Tsimazine (Princep Nine-T) 16370SS12 hNo
Prowlpendimethalin (Prowl H20 29542) SS24 hNo
Roundup glyphosate (Roundup Transorb 28198, Roundup Weathermax 27487)SS12 hNo
Sandeahalosulfuron (Sandea) 31209SS12 hNo
Selectclethodim (Select) 22625SS12hNo
Sencor 75DFmetribuzin (Sencor) 20968SS12 hNo
Simazine 480simazine (Simazine 480) 23181SS12 hNo
Sinbarterbacil (Sinbar) 10628SS12 hNo
Touchdown Total glyphosate (Touchdown Total) 28072SS12 hNo
TriCor 75DFmetribuzin (TriCor) 30661SS12 hNo
Vantage Plusglyphosate (Vantage +) 28840SS12 hNo
Venturefluazifop-p-butyl (Venture) 21209SS12 hNo

*There is no REI on label, this REI refers to Worksafe BC requirements.
** The REI has a wide range. The longer REI refers to a specific activity: check the label.