Growth Regulators and Spray Thinners

Growth Regulators and Spray Thinners - Toxicity and Re-entry Intervals

Trade Name Common Name Oral Toxicity Dermal Toxicity Re-entry Interval (Label) Applicator Certificate Required By
Environment WCB
Apogeeprohexadione calcium (Apogee) 28042SS12 hNoNo
Cilis Plus6-benzyl-aminopurine (Cilis Plus) 29210SS12 hNoNo
Ethrelethaphon (Ethrel) 11580SS48 hNoNo
Fruit FixNAA (Fruit Fix) 16027SS24 h*NoNo
Fruitone NNAA (Fruitone) 14630SSdry2NoNo
MaxCel6-benzyladenine (MaxCel) 28851SS12 hNoNo
Novagibgibberellins (Novagib) 30403SS12 hNoNo
PerlanGA 6-benzyl-amino-purine (Perlan) 29187SS12 hNoNo
Progibbgibberellic acid (Progibb) 29359SS12 hNoNo
Promalingibberellins benazladenine (Promalin) 16636SS12 hNoNo
RetainAVG (Retain) 25609SS12 hNoNo