Usage for dimethoate (Lagon) 9382

Stage of Development: Summer
Insect or DiseaseRecommended Product Choices Grp1 Amount per REI2 PHI3 (days) Precautions and Notes
Ha Acre...
Cherry Fruit Flies (Western, Black) dimethoate (Lagon) 93821B2.25 L910 mL21Will also control cherry fruitworm, pear sawfly (cherry slug) and apple mealybug. Field reports indicate EC formulations can cause severe leaf burn and leaf drop in Lapins, Sam, Skeena, Stella and Sweetheart cherry varieties. Spray interval: 14 days.

Stage of Development: Summer

Cherry Fruit Flies

1Group number for resistance management. NC = not classified.
2Re-entry interval on the label. An asterisk(*) indicates that no re-entry is shown on the label, but the WorkSafe BC re-entry interval may apply and is shown.
3Pre-harvest interval. Note: always read and follow the directions on the pesticide label.