Usage for spinosad (GF-120 Fruit Fly Bait) 28336

Stage of Development: Summer
Insect or DiseaseRecommended Product Choices Grp1 Amount per REI2 PHI3 (days) Precautions and Notes
Ha Acre...
Cherry Fruit Flies (Western, Black) spinosad (GF-120 Fruit Fly Bait) 2833651.0-1.5 L405-607 mLdry0Apply at label rates with special equipment in a strip on one side of every row. Spray interval: 5 - 7 days in absence of rain.

Stage of Development: Summer

Cherry Fruit Flies

1Group number for resistance management. NC = not classified.
2Re-entry interval on the label. An asterisk(*) indicates that no re-entry is shown on the label, but the WorkSafe BC re-entry interval may apply and is shown.
3Pre-harvest interval. Note: always read and follow the directions on the pesticide label.