Pesticides for Pear Scab

Stage of Development: Tight Cluster (Cluster Bud)
Recommended Product Choices Grp1 Amount per REI2 PHI3 (days) Precautions and Notes
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Notes: Pear scab is not a common problem in the Okanagan and Similkameen valleys. Pears grown in higher rainfall areas are at higher risk. Registered fungicides include Aprovia, Aprovia Top, Scala, Sercadis, Fontelis, Flint, Merivon, Nova, Serenade Opti, Sovran, Inspire Super, Luna Tranquility, Syllit, Captan, Maestro, Ferbam and lime sulphur. Refer to pear scab description for more information.

Stage of Development: Tight Cluster (Cluster Bud)

Pear Scab

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1Group number for resistance management. NC = not classified.
2Re-entry interval on the label. An asterisk(*) indicates that no re-entry is shown on the label, but the WorkSafe BC re-entry interval may apply and is shown.
3Pre-harvest interval. Note: always read and follow the directions on the pesticide label.