Pesticides for Apple Grain Aphid

Stage of Development: Summer
Recommended Product Choices Grp1 Amount per REI2 PHI3 (days) Precautions and Notes
Ha Acre...
flupyradifurone (Sivanto Prime) 314524D500-750 mL202-304 mL12 h14Minimum interval between applications: 10 days. Maximum amount per season: 2000 mL/ha (810 mL/acre). Chemical control is rarely needed.
Mineral oil (Suffoil-X) 33099NC10 L/1000 L of water10 L/1000 L of water12 hours0Test for crop tolerance before widespread use. Apply every 10 - 14 days,depending on level of pest pressure. Do not use within 14 days before or after captan fungicide. Do not apply more than 8 applications per year.
tetraniliprole (Vayego 200 SC) 3371128150 ml61 ml12 hours7 daysSuppression only. Max 3 applications per year. Toxic to bees. Do not apply during pre-bloom or blooming period. Apply post-bloom only.
acetamiprid + novaluron (Cormoran) 333534 + 15700 - 1050 ml283 - 425 ml12 hrs to 7 days14 daysDo not apply more than 6.9 L/ha. Spray interval - 12 days. REIs: 7 days for thinning, 12 hours for all other activities.

Stage of Development: Summer

Apple Grain Aphid

1Group number for resistance management. NC = not classified.
2Re-entry interval on the label. An asterisk(*) indicates that no re-entry is shown on the label, but the WorkSafe BC re-entry interval may apply and is shown.
3Pre-harvest interval. Note: always read and follow the directions on the pesticide label.