Pesticides for Powdery Mildew (Apricots)

Stage of Development: Husk Fall
Recommended Product Choices Grp1 Amount per REI2 PHI3 (days) Precautions and Notes
Ha Acre...
boscalid + pyraclostrobin (Pristine WG) 279857 + 11750 g - 1 kg300 g - 405 gdry - 10 days0Avoid more than 2 consecutive applications. Do not use more than 2-3 times per season. 10 days REI for thinning.
penthiopyrad (Fontelis) 3033171.0- 1.75 L405- 709 mL12 h0Do not apply more than 2 times per season. Use high rate for high disease pressure.
trifloxystrobin (Flint) 3061911140- 280 g57- 113 g12 h- 4 days1Suppression only. Use the higher rate for high disease pressure. Limit sprays of class 11 fungicides (Flint, Cabrio, Pristine) to 2 per season. 4 days REI for thinning.
mineral oil (Purespray Green) 27666NC10 L4 L12 h0For suppression of powdery mildew, apply in a minimum of 1000 L water/ha at 10-14 day intervals. Do not use in combination with or within 14 days of sulphur or captan.
potassium bicarbonate (MilStop) 28095NC2.8- 5.6 kg1.1 - 2.2 kg4 h0Suppression only. Do not mix with other pesticides or fertilizers.
metconazole (Quash 30402)3245 - 280 g99 - 113 g12 h - 9 days14Suppression of powdery mildew only. Maximum one application/season. REI of 9 days is for thinning.
fluopyram + trifloxystrobin (Luna Sensation) 321077+11300-400 mL121-162 mL12 h1 dayUse higher rate for high disease pressure. Rotate with fungicides from other groups. Limit use of group 11 fungicides to 2 applications per season.
pyraclostrobin + fluxapyroxad (Merivon) 339517 + 110.3 - 0.4 L0.12 - 0.16 L12 h - 12 days0 daysLimit sprays of Group 11 fungicides to 2 sprays/season. REI's: hand thinning - 12 days, hand harvesting - 1 days, mechanical harvesting and all other activities - 12 hours.
fenazaquin (Magister SC) 3454421 + 391.75 - 2.63 L0.7 - 1.1 L12 h - 17 days10 daysToxic to bees. Avoid application during bloom. Maximum number of applications: 1

Stage of Development: Husk Fall

Powdery Mildew (Apricots)

1Group number for resistance management. NC = not classified.
2Re-entry interval on the label. An asterisk(*) indicates that no re-entry is shown on the label, but the WorkSafe BC re-entry interval may apply and is shown.
3Pre-harvest interval. Note: always read and follow the directions on the pesticide label.