Woolly Apple Aphid Parasite

General Description


This parasitic wasp provides very effective biological control of the woolly apple aphid in the absence of harmful pesticides.



Egg - inserted into body of aphid, 0.007 – 0.21 mm

Larva - elongated, shield shaped, develops inside host.

Adult - shiny black wasp, short antennae, inconspicuous in orchard, jumps rather than fly.

Life History

Woolly apple aphid parasite overwinters as larva or pupae inside dead woolly apple aphid bodies. Adults emerge when nymphs are being produced in the spring.


Look for hardened black woolly apple aphid mummies, some will have circular exit holes made by adult wasps as they emerge from aphid. Cultural practices that encourage predators such as lady beetles, syrphid fly larvae, green lacewings will enhance biological control of woolly apple aphids.