Nectarine Varieties


Earliest variety with commercial potential that is suitable for production in B.C.’s production areas. This variety is fairly attractive but does not have high red colour. Shelf life is limited in comparison to later maturing varieties.

Planting Trend - There are only small plantings of this variety.


This is an early to mid season variety ripening mid August. The fruit is medium size, firm and has overall red skin colour. Fruit quality is good but shelf life is limited. Winter hardiness is considered to be moderate.

Planting Trend - There are small plantings only.


Relatively new variety with some trial plantings in the South Okanagan. It has bright waxy cherry red skin colour. The flesh is yellow, firm and good quality. Split stones can be a problem for Firebrite.

The tree is considered to be moderately vigorous and moderately productive but has not been fully evaluated. Recent experience indicates that this variety is difficult to grow because of disease and insect problems and because the predominately small size is difficult to market.

Planting Trend – Not recommended.


Redgold is the most planted and has proven to be the most suitable nectarine variety for the Okanagan, but matures too late for some locations. The fruit has a bright waxy red colour and clear yellow flesh. Fruit size is large. Quality is excellent and yields are high, equal to good peach varieties. Redgold has average winter hardiness and resistance to spring frost.

Other Nectarines

Varieties of nectarines that are being tried but are not fully evaluated, particularly in relation to hardiness, in the

Okanagan areas include Independence, Fantasia, Flavortop, Earliscarlet, and Harblaze.

Nectarines Varieties in order of harvestNectarines Harvest Chart