3 Steps to Water Management

To use this Irrigation Guide, choose one option for each of the three questions.  Use the Guide for the option you choose.    

1.    How much water can be stored in the soil?

  •  Soil Type 

  • Available Water Storage Capacity


  1. Laboratory Method

  2. Hand Feel Method


2.    How much water is entering the soil?  

  • Infiltration Rate 

  • Irrigation Application Rate


  1. System Design Method

  2. Metered Method

  3. Pan Method

3.  How long does the water last?

  • Amount of water consumed    


  1. Monitor the soil moisture

    • Hand Feel Method

    • Tensiometers

    • Electrical Resistance Blocks

    • C-Probe

  2. Evapotranspiration

    • Meteorological Calculations

    • Evaporation Pans