Pear Scab

General Description

Pear scab is a rare problem in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys, where it has occurred only in a small number of locations. It is much more prevalent in production areas with higher rainfall, such as coastal B.C.

Pear scab is very similar to apple scab in both appearance and life cycle, but is caused by a different species of fungus. Outbreaks can be predicted based on temperature and moisture conditions, which are very similar to those required for apple scab infection periods. Refer to the apple scab section for more information. 

pear scab, Flemish pear

Pear scab fruit infection of Flemish pear


Cultural Control

See apple scab

Chemical Control

Refer to the apple scab section for information on timing fungicide sprays for scab control.  

Fungicides registered for control of pear scab include:


  • Lime sulphur may cause fruit russet and disrupts integrated mite control. To minimize the risk of fruit damage, do not use past full bloom.
  • Sovran may severely injure certain varieties of cherries. Do not allow drift onto cherries.

Updated July, 2018